🧭 Motion Designer's Vault

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Curated directory of more than 400+ tools and resources for Motion Designers of all levels.

The is a growing curated collection of resources (free and paid) to share, learn, improve or master your Motion Design skills.

🧭 What's inside?

  • List of Motion Design courses sorted by price, level, and skills. 
  • Free learning resources (podcasts, videos, blogs, and more).
  • Best communities to be part of.
  • Resources to make money as a Motion Designer.
  • Free stock for your personal and professional projects.
  • Selection of After Effects plug-ins.
  • List of Cel Animation tools.
  • Books for Motion Designers. 
  • Selling CryptoArt / NFTs.
  • Teaching Motion Design Online.
  • Time Tracking and Project Management tools.
  • And more...

All the content is hosted on a Notion database. 

What's Notion?

Having a Notion account is recommended but not required to have full access to the . Once you buy it, you'll receive a link to check it right away. Duplicate the database to have access to it from your Notion account.

How to duplicate the database to your own Notion workspace.

🎉 Also included

is not a finished product. The Vault will be updated regularly. More resources will be added monthly and the links will be checked to make sure they are still relevant. 

By purchasing the , you have lifetime access to the Vault and free updates forever! Yay!

❓Why do you need it?

My professional career started as a Video Editor. It took me years to decide to leave my job as a Video Editor to pursue Motion Design. On my journey (of many years) to become a professional Motion Designer I found many resources, communities, courses, podcasts that helped me immensely. is a way of sharing all the resources I gathered over the years in one place. 

My hope is that you'll also find something that will help you in your journey. It doesn't matter what your goal is. There are resources for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you are new to Motion Design or you have already started your career. If this directory saves you time, inspires you, or makes you want to create more, my mission is accomplished.


Send me a DM with your questions and I'll get back to you almost instantly. 😉

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🧭 Motion Designer's Vault

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